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8 Healthy Puppies Born March 22nd, 2024

FCI Dutch Shepherds

"Baldur"   X   "Sequoia"



Puppies can ship internationally out of Paris CDG, or you are welcome to come and collect your puppy in person. All of our puppies are sold with:

  • Microchipped w/ Passport

  • Dewormed every 2 wks from birth to 8 wks of age, then once a month to 6 months of age

  • CHPPiL Vaccination + KC at 8 weeks

  • Recall CHPPiL + KC + Rabies at 16 weeks

  • Ownership Document and Export Pedigree in buyer's name

Our puppies are socialized and exposed to many different surfaces and environments (day and night), are suitable for active family life, and are CLEAR of genetic maladies by parentage.

Contact us for more information and pricing.

Vlad King (8wks)

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Vanguard Gunnery (8wks)

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VX Knox (8wks)

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VS Code Red (8wks)

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